Back to School Prayer Plans

It's back to school time and if you're like me, you are eager to get those precious little people scrubbed clean and loaded up with new school supplies, hugged and kissed, and out the door, and off to school. The return to a "normal routine" is welcome this time of the year.

But as you send your people back to school, you do so with a bit of sadness over the fact that they are another year older, there are less marbles in your jar (have you seen the marble and parenting illustration?), and other people are about to be pouring into the minds and lives of your cherished offspring.

Unless you're homeschooling. If you're homeschooling you are giving yourself pep talks as you gear up for another year of pouring out and in to the children who call you "Mom" and/or "Dad." 


I've written on this topic before and decided today to simply give you links to the blogs and podcasts that provide you encouragement as you commit to pray your students through this upcoming year in school.

Back to School Prayer Plan for Parents--in this blog post I share practical ways you can pray for your children this school year. The post includes links to prayer guides you might use throughout the school year.

Prayer IS Still in Our Schools--In this blog post I share how these ministries; Moms in Prayer, See You at the Pole and Claim Your Campus are all experiencing a resurgence of prayer among parents and students. How amazing would it be, if churches all over America came alongside and partnered with these ministries to mobilize students and parents to pray?

Here are links to several podcasts I recorded last year with leaders of powerful prayer ministries that directly impact our schools:

Claim Your Campus with Olivia Williamson Claim Your Campus is a missional initiative to mobilize 1 million middle and high school students to pray on EVERY middle and high school campus in America!

Doug Clark--See You at the Pole As National Field Director of the National Network of Youth Ministries, Doug serves as promotion coordinator for See You at the Pole and is involved in networking in San Diego locally and leads a dynamic team of field leaders who currently serve more than 550 local networks in 10 regions across the US.

Sally Burke, President of Moms in Prayer, International  You will love meeting Sally and hearing many stories of just what happens when we pray! 

Back to School, Praying for our Children and Educators In this episode I lead us in prayer for our children, for our educators and for the upcoming school year.

And here's a podcast from Million Praying Moms that will tell you exactly how to get started praying strategically this year! 

A Strategic Plan for the New School Year 


Consider sharing this blog post with your kids pastors and children's directors; youth pastors, and youth leaders. Let's get our people praying over our students this year! 


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