Claim your Campus with Olivia Williamson

Season #1

The power of prayer is mobilizing our students to pray!

In today's episode, Leighann chats with Olivia Williamson from Never the Same and Claim Your Campus. Olivia shares about the wonderful ministry moving students to bring back prayer nationwide in our middle schools and high schools. Grab your teen and listen to this powerful and inspiring episode!

About Olivia and Claim Your Campus: Olivia is the director of student engagement at Never the Same, where they provide immersive experiences, practical resources, and missional initiatives for students, youth ministries, and adults who work with them.
Claim Your Campus is a missional initiative to mobilize 1 million middle and high school students to pray on EVERY middle and high school campus in America!

You can connect with Olivia by visiting: and

Leighann McCoy, The Prayer Clinic Podcast Host

Leighann McCoy is the founder of The Prayer Clinic. She has written 17 books on prayer and spiritual warfare. She has taught conferences and retreats across the US and worldwide and serves on staff at Thompson Station Church in Thompson Station, TN. She is the prayer minister, and her husband Tom is the senior pastor at the church they started in 1989.



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