Prayer IS Still in Our Schools!

Don't think for one minute that prayer has been banned from our schools. The great thing about prayer is that you can do it anywhere at anytime without anyone knowing it! 

So when the government decided to take prayer out of our public schools, they simply couldn't do it! If we were privy to God's ears I've no doubt we'd hear countless prayers wafting heavenward from teachers, students, administrators, custodial staff, lunchroom personnel, volunteers and even bus drivers! 

And aren't we glad God made prayer to work in such a powerful and undercover way? I want to share with you 3 amazing prayer ministries that impact our kids academic worlds. These ministries make our job easy, for they not only encourage students and parents to pray but they also provide the resources! 

  1. Moms in Prayer, International

This past week I had the privilege of interviewing Sally Burke who is president of Moms in Prayer, International. WHAT A DELIGHT! I can't wait for you to get to meet her on the Prayer Clinic podcast. You will want to be listening to our Back to School series that we started this week, and not miss a single episode.

Take a minute to check out Moms in Prayer! This ministry helps shape the lives of our children (and grandchildren) through the power of prayer. Moms in Prayer groups gather for one hour a week to pray specifically over their children and their schools.

There very well could be a Moms in Prayer group already gathering an hour a week to pray over your child's school. And if there isn't, you won't believe how easy it is to start one! 

What if all our churches urged our people to start Moms in Prayer groups in ALL our schools? I'm going to make this a goal of mine this year! 

2.  See You at the Pole and Claim Your Campus 

I LOVE these two prayer ministries! 

See You at the Pole is a global day of prayer for students. This God-birthed movement started in Texas in 1990 as the result of a Disciple Now weekend. Today an estimated 1 million students from across the nation and in 64 countries gather at the flagpole to pray on their school campuses. 

This year's event is scheduled for Wednesday, September 22. Any student can initiate and lead this prayer gathering with the simple guides and resources provided on the website. (I love this year's theme: JUST PRAY!) 

Claim Your Campus has partnered with See You at the Pole to turn an event into a movement. The goal of Claim Your Campus is to mobilize students on every middle and high school campus to host a prayer gathering once a week. Claim your Campus intends to reach their goal with their clever app called the Campus Prayer App

I can get downright excited about what God might do if students led students in prayer on ALL our middle and high school campuses across the nation. As a prayer minister, I'm going to schedule a meeting with our youth pastor and find out how I can partner with him to activate this exciting ministry on the middle and high school campuses in our community.

What better way to impact our nation than to increase the time, effort and intentionality of our prayers?! 

Let's get our students and parents praying my prayin' people!! 

Happy back to school season! 


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