Teach My Heart to Pray

Are you tired of living defeated when you were assured of victory in the Bible? In this course, Leighann McCoy will teach you how you can experience victory one answered prayer at a time.

 Use this 4-Week Video-Guide and Interactive Prayer Study to Learn How to:

  1. Engage with God in a 2-way Conversation
  2. Know that Your Prayers Actually Make a Difference 
  3. Be "God's Favorite"

Leighann McCoy, Author of over 16 books on prayer and Founder of the Prayer Clinic, will walk you through step-by-step how to regain your faith and start hearing answers to your prayers.

During this course, you'll have exclusive access to Leighann, herself – so feel free to ask questions along the way or leave prayer requests. Get ready to dive deep into this journey into a stronger faith and a closer relationship with God!


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