Prayer Must Be At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Through The Prayer Clinic, your church will see that God hears and answers us when we pray.

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What is The Prayer Clinic?

The Prayer Clinic is like a medical clinic; only medicine isn't prescribed; the prescriptions come from scripture. Recruit and equip your team of prayer partners to serve your church in a mighty way.  

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Leighann McCoy is the host of the Prayer Clinic podcast. In this podcast, you'll hear from authors and prayer leaders and learn how to expand your prayer life and begin to hear God's voice more clearly and experience answers to your prayers. This prayer podcast isn't afraid to address what others are afraid to talk about and be transparent about trusting God when we pray. So please hit subscribe & share with your friends.



Leighann McCoy has written 17 books on prayer and spiritual warfare and is working on her 18th book, a 365-day devotional schedule to come out in fall 2021. 


With over 9 courses to choose from, Leighann has created curriculum to help guide and teach you to live a prayer-powered life. 


Leighann McCoy is an author, public speaker, and prayer minister. She serves on staff at Thompson Station Church in Thompson Station, TN.

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