Back to School Prayer Plan for Parents

Don't you love the back-to-school pictures? Here's ours.

My granddaughter, Misty is starting 2nd grade, and River is going out into the world to conquer her preschool class. 

  I think I love the return to school NOT because I am eager for summer to end, but rather because I love the return to a routine. I don't know about you, but at the McCoy house, we just seem to get more done when we are living in a routine.

  What if, this school year, you got in the routine of praying for your children and their teachers. I got a diagram out of Misty's backpack, that showed me where each teacher taught her class. It was complete with the names of the staff members who serve at her elementary school. I am going to take that diagram and put it in my prayer journal so that I can pray over each staff member by name throughout this school year.

  One of the great Pray-ers from days gone by, said this: 

"God has promised to hear prayer, and he will perform his promise." Charles Spurgeon

  Imagine how much might happen for your child and his/her school if you get in a routine of praying daily for them. There are countless resources available online to help you establish this routine.

  The first one I want to recommend to you is the one I put together, available in the "courses" section of my website. Praying for your Children is a 6 week daily prayer guide that will equip you to win spiritual battles in your home. The prayer guide accompanies my book Spiritual Warfare for Your Family . I know, it's not something we want to think about, but the truth is, the enemy wants to derail your children's lives so that they fall far short of the plan God has for them. He'll crush your family in the process if you let him. But God trusts you to stand in the gap and serve as a conduit through which His purposes prevail in your children's lives. And standing in the gap is as easy as making prayer a priority by weaving it in to your daily routine.

  You can participate in this course absolutely FREE! Praying for Your Children

  Some other great prayer resources for covering your students and their schools in prayer are: 

4 Prayers for the New School Year

3 Prayers for your Kids for the new School year

30 Days of Prayer for the new school year

 I'm sure you can find others online. But don't spend too much time researching! Spend your time praying. Establish a routine that is as certain as the school bus picking your child up each and every morning. Make this the BEST YEAR EVER for your children.


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