Prayer Clinic Now Available in Tiered Memberships

Hello my prayin' friends! 

I've got something exciting to tell you but I want to roll out a personal genuinely heart-felt invitation to you first: 

We now have the Prayer Clinic Virtual Open House online so that you can learn more about the Prayer Clinic ministry from the comfort and flexible convenience of your own home.

If you want to discover how to get your church praying...

If you want to mobilize the people of your church to pray...

If you want to teach your people to pray...

If you want to connect with other prayer leaders via zoom for encouragement, insight and growth...

If you want to experience God answer prayers in a way that makes His power and His love undeniable...


And we can show you how. Just participate in the Virtual Open House here, OR plan to come to middle Tennessee, spend a great weekend in the beautiful historical town of Franklin, and join us on a Sunday morning for our next In-person Open House here.

And now for the news I'm eager to share with you. 

We now have a tiered membership for our churches (and ministries) who want to start Prayer Clinics. Monthly membership allows you:

  • access to your own customized Prayer Clinic Hub where you track people and prayer requests so that you can pray and stay with them until their prayers are answered.
  • participation in our monthly Prayer Clinic directors get-togethers where we share what God is doing in our clinics and encourage each other.
  • full access to the growing library of online prayer courses to grow your prayer life.
  • exclusive membership in the members-only section of our website that includes training videos, and other resources free to share with your prayer clinic team members.

Our Tiers are based on average church attendance: 

  • Tier One: 0-99
  • Tier Two: 100-499
  • Tier Three: 500-

Click HERE for more information! 

I look forward to counting you a Prayer Clinic church! 

Please share this exciting news with whomever leads the prayer ministry in your church if that isn't you.


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