What is the Prayer Clinic?


The Prayer Clinic is a dynamic ministry where people who need prayer pray with people who believe God answers prayer. With resources, online courses, coaching and community you will discover that it’s not that hard to get your people praying.


To Start Your Prayer Clinic today you will want to read over the 3 steps, purchase a Starter Kit, and choose the subscription tier that is right for you. If you have any questions at all, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] with the subject line: 'Start a Prayer Clinic'. 

3 Easy Steps

Teach My Heart to Pray Course

Start with hosting this simple step-by-step study at your church. You can then recruit and train a team of prayer partners from these classes and never again shoulder the burden of the prayer ministry alone. 

Orientation and Training 

Invite potential team members to orientation, then provide new team members with the tools they need at training.  Orientation and Training notes and videos are available in the Starter Kit and Hub.

Open a Prayer Clinic in your Church

Now that you have your team (trained and equipped), you are ready to open your clinic. You are ready to pray and stay with your people and start experiencing the power of God as He watches over His Word to perform it. Get ready to celebrate answered prayers!

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Subscription Tiers

The Prayer Clinic Hub makes it possible for you to pray and stay with people until God answers their prayers. The Hub tracks your prayer requests and gives every team member their own personal prayer list complete with contact information. The Hub links to the full library of online courses (included free in your subscription) and provides you with PDF versions of most of the Prayer Clinic resources. The Hub also tracks valuable data by showing you (and your pastor) what people are dealing with in their lives. Your monthly subscription to the Hub also includes ongoing coaching with other Prayer Clinic directors AND a set percentage off of all purchases made in our store. Click on your tier below to learn more.

Tier One


Average Church Attendance 0-99

15 % Off Prayer Clinic Purchases After Enrollment


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Tier Two


Average Church Attendance 100-499

20% Off Prayer Clinic Purchases After Enrollment


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Tier Three


Average Church Attendance 500+

25% Off Prayer Clinic Purchases After Enrollment


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