Praying With Other Churches in Your Community

Uncategorized May 09, 2023

The National Day of Prayer on the first Thursday in May is quickly becoming one of the most powerful evenings in our community. Last year we partnered with Mark and Lee Ann Rampulla, dear friends and pastor/wife who serve at Southview Church about 3 miles south of our campus. We gathered the area pastors and worship leaders together for a worship and prayer service focusing on the 7 pillars of society that are the theme of the National Day of Prayer (Government, Media and Entertainment, Military and First Responders, Education, Business, Family, Church). 

But before I share how powerfully God is working among us, let me first give you a little background. 

During Covid, in 2020, Mark partnered with other pastors in our community to gather the area churches together and we all got to be part of what turned out to be thousands of people participating in a drive-in worship and prayer event at our large "Ag Center." 

Fast forward to 2022, we got together again with the area pastors and invited the community to join us for the National Day of Prayer. We were overwhelmed at the energy and presence of God that we sensed in our worship center. I cannot even put it into words! 

So it was even easier this year in 2023 to host this event again. This time we added to our community worship leaders and pastors, prayer team members from our area churches. What thrill it was for ALL of us to see each other. There were maybe 60 men and women, young and old who gathered in a room too small to hold us, to receive instructions on what we planned to do. As I looked around the room and saw the faces of the people who pray, I said this,

"As praying people we often feel like Elijah felt--like we are the only ones. But look around this room! Look how many of us there are, praying for this community! We are a mighty army! We have each other! When you are standing on your portion of the wall, we are standing on ours. And together we are pressing back to forces of darkness and establishing the kingdom of God."

My friends, it was better than a pep rally! Seeing each other, knowing the "work" we do, and being encouraged by the army God knows that we have in our little portion of middle Tennessee. 

The community prayer team circled the congregation that night. We stood on the outer edges of the congregation as a visual representation of what we do for our local churches. We are the watchmen on the wall who intercede and pray for our people, and for our community. During the prayer service we were there--interceding for, worshiping and praying with our people.

Ya'll, it was a glimpse of heaven!

Pastors and wives were hugging pastors and wives.

Spiritual leaders were encouraging spiritual leaders.

--And the saints who worship in their local churches on Sundays worshipped together Thursday night.

We had Church of Christ, Baptist, Presbyterian, Non-denominational, Assemblies of God, who knows what--churches all combined together. We let go our differences and prayed together for the soul of our nation.

Our mayor, chief of police and fire departments were present and receive standing ovations of appreciation.

God increased our love for one another as we expressed our love for and dependence on Him.

Oh my friends! Let's mobilize our churches to pray and let's take the lead to bring our churches together so that we can experience the joy of worshipping God together! We were made for this!! 

If you'd like to know what we did to make this happen feel free to reach out. I'll share all the details with you.


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