Now Open!! Our Prayer Clinic Virtual Open House!


We are so excited to be sharing our Prayer Clinic Virtual Open House! 

If you've been following me for very long you know that I am passionate about prayer. I'm even more passionate about mobilizing your church to pray.

As a leader in the ministry of prayer, I know what it's like to sincerely believe that when we pray, God answers. I also know what it's like to try to convince my brothers and sisters in the faith that this is true.

I know how it feels to plan a prayer meeting hoping for a great turnout, and ending up with a faithful few. I've been the only one to show up to pray in the prayer room. 

But I also know how easy it is to never find myself in those places again. I've discovered ways to get our people praying and I've also discovered it's not that hard to do! And I'm eager to show you how you can get your people praying too. 

The Prayer Clinic ministry is the new and improved version of the church's intercessory prayer ministry. Instead of a rolodex we use an online hub. And instead of people hiding in a prayer closet, we have teams of people praying with people and developing ongoing relationships with them as we wait and watch God work.

Now you can experience the Prayer Clinic ministry at Thompson Station Church without having to travel to middle Tennessee to join us at one of our Open Houses. We are bringing the Open House to you virtually. 


P.S. If you like to travel, and need a good reason to come spend a weekend in Franklin, you can join us at our next Open House at Thompson Station Church!



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