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Uncategorized Sep 27, 2022

I thought I'd take a minute in this week's blog to tell you about the Prayer Clinic podcast and how it can serve as a tool to mobilize your people to pray.

What is the Prayer Clinic podcast?

I'm glad you asked! With so many podcasts to choose from, why, on earth, would you choose to fill your ears with mine? Here are 3 reasons you definitely want to hit the "subscribe" button and never miss a minute of the Prayer Clinic podcast:

1. The Prayer Clinic podcast will teach you how to pray. Right now I'm finishing up a series of podcasts where we're addressing the difference between faith and doubt. I cover subjects such as...

2. The Prayer Clinic podcast will introduce you to great prayer leaders! I've had the privilege of interviewing...

3. I sometimes venture into conversations about women in the church, deconstruction of faith, and spiritual warfare. And in those conversations I introduce you to others who are growing their prayer lives as they walk their journeys.

How the Prayer Clinic Podcast Will Mobilize Your People to Pray

If your community is like my community, many of the people in your church spend a bit of time in their vehicles traveling back and for the work, kids extra-curricular activities and errands. What might happen if you invited them to listen to the Prayer Clinic podcast by emailing them once a month and giving them some suggested episodes to hear? 

What if you invited your prayer team to listen to Praying the Promises, and then to join you in a discussion of its' content? You could even lead an entire small group study using one of the series like "The Truth about Women." 

As we continue producing the Prayer Clinic podcast this Fall (2022), we will be taking each of our 11 Prayer Clinic Scripture prayer cards and discuss the Scripture prayers and how God is adamantly committed to answering those prayers. You will meet people who've been desperate for God to answer a prayer with those verses, and how they've experienced those answers. Then, you'll get to meet the Prayer Clinic team members who had the privilege of praying with those people as they were waiting for God's answers.

And, if you have any questions...if you have suggestions...if you want to be interviewed on the Prayer Clinic podcast, just reach out to me and let me know! :) 


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