Our First Prayer Clinic Open House

What a great time we had yesterday at our first Prayer Clinic Open House at Thompson Station Church in Thompson Station, TN.

We have been enjoying a dynamic prayer ministry at our church for many years. And the heartbeat of this ministry is the Prayer Clinic. With a team of 27 men and women, our Prayer Clinic team serves the body of Christ by praying and staying with people until God answers their prayers. We count ourselves most blessed because we get to carry our peoples' heart cries to a God who hears and answers us when we pray.

At yesterday's open house 6 guests joined us from 3 different churches in 3 different states. Our guests participated with the Prayer Clinic team during our first worship service where they got to pray together and learn more about how we pray with people when they come to the Clinic for prayer.

Then they joined us in our 2nd service where my husband Tom and I delivered a message that we called "Unburdened by Unleashing the Power of Prayer in the Church." They got to witness how people in our congregation come freely to the altar for prayer.  

Over lunch I shared how the Prayer Clinic got started, and explained how the Prayer Clinic ministry gives you everything you need to recruit, train and release your team to pray for the needs of the people in your church. Our team members  took turns sharing stories of lives impacted by our ministry. We hosted a question and answer time and lingered into the afternoon dreaming of what a Prayer Clinic might look like in our guests' churches.

Every participant went home with a Teach My Heart to Pray book, a Prayer Clinic coffee mug, pen and sticker and a "God's Got This!" bracelet. 

One participant said this, "We've been to several churches to learn how they are doing prayer ministry but this is the first church that provides practical hands-on tools for making prayer ministry easy! I love it!" 

We are creating a virtual Prayer Clinic Open House that we will share soon, followed by a live Q &  A time, and our next onsite Prayer Clinic Open House at Thompson Station Church is April 24. Mark your calendar! 




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