Become a House of Prayer by PRAYING!


We get together in our church buildings for a lot of different reasons.

We get together to read and discuss the Bible.

We get together to plan mission trips and ministry projects.

We get together to worship.

We get together to play! (My grandchildren especially enjoy this kind of getting together.) 

And, we get together to pray.

Oh, wait--do we do that?

Do you?

If you were to take a pie chart and fill in all the space that you get together at your church building specifically for prayer--how much of your pie would you fill in?

A sliver?

A solid piece?

Most of the plate?

When Jesus mentioned that He wanted His house to be a house of prayer (Matthew 21:13), it seems to me that He thought that the main thing we'd be doing at church would be praying.

After all, the main thing they serve at Chick Fil A is chicken and so it makes sense that if Jesus said His house would be called a house of prayer the main thing we should be doing at church is praying.

The fact that we don't pray when we get together is as absurd as if you were to go to Chick fil a to eat spaghetti!

For those of us who believe the Bible when it tells us that we are heard and answered when we pray, let's do our due diligence to get these houses to become what they were meant to be! 

Houses of Prayer! 

Just think...if every small group that gets together at your church spent 5 minutes praying every time they got together, how many minutes would your church spend in prayer each week?

Let's play with the numbers for a minute; if 50 groups prayed 5 minutes once a week we would have spent 250 minutes praying weekly! (That's roughly 4 hours and 16 minutes a week in prayer.)

Now double that by spending 10 minutes praying every time your group gets together; not talking about prayer but actually praying. You're up to 8 hours and 30 minutes! 

We can all start somewhere and there's no time like now to get our churches small groups to create the reality that Jesus longs for.

Let's make your church...A House of Prayer! 

Watch for posts that give you simple step-by-step guides that will get your people praying.


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