How Can I Get My Church to Pray?!

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2022

I'm glad you asked!  

Prayer is my passion, and I'm on a mission to get the local church praying.

I'm on a mission to get your church praying.

My husband has been the senior pastor at Thompson Station Church for 33 1/2 years. Most of those years our church has baptized over 100 people a year, and grown in significant percentages. Some of those years we've held our own and considered that growth! But every one of those years


When we first came to TSC, Tom's mother (who'd been a pastor's wife longer than Tom and I had been alive), told him that if he'd pray, God would bless our work. This was especially good advice because we came to Thompson Station to join 8 people and a dream.

One of the first things Tom did was invite the leader of those 8 people to meet him on Tuesday mornings to pray. Since that guy was a successful plumber, he and Tom met before daybreak and poured their hearts out as they knelt on the linoleum covered concrete floor at the converted honky tonk we called our "church." 

I hadn't been a pastor's wife for very long before I realized that we fought a very real devil on a daily basis. I learned in the school of hard knocks that prayer is the one thing we could do to. win those battles. So, as we grew, I gave away every other ministry leadership role that I ever had (preschool and children's ministry, women's ministry. youth ministry for a minute, playing the piano for another painful minute, outreach ministry. adult small group ministry...just about every area of ministry we had EXCEPT worship ministry), and I hung on to prayer. Even before prayer ministers were a thing, I was one.

I wrote prayer studies, and books on prayer and spiritual warfare, and traveled all around the USA and literally around the world teaching people how to pray. And our church was the laboratory where I learned just what happens when we do.

Want to know what I learned? When we pray...

God Answers! 

That's why, with years of full-time ministry piled up in me, I've chosen to dedicate myself to getting your church to pray. There is nothing you can do that will make more difference in whatever ministry God's called you to than prayer.

No thing will matter as much as praying.

And guess what, 

It's not that hard to get your people praying.

Nope!  It's not! I have developed a way for you to mobilize your people to pray, and I want. to share it with you. Already several other churches are implementing the Prayer Clinic ministry and having great success in their congregations.

We are hosting our next Prayer Clinic Open House at Thompson Station Church on Wednesday, August 3 from 10:30-1PM. This Open House is especially for directors of missions, pastors, prayer ministry leaders, and any other full-time staff or available lay people who might be interested in learning more.

At the onsite Open House at Thompson Station Church in Thompson Station, TN (just south of Franklin, TN), we will introduce you to our Prayer Clinic team members, give you a close up experience with our Clinic in action, show you the resources we've created and share how you can become a Prayer Clinic church.

If you want to get your people praying...

If you want to see just how easy it is to be a prayer-powered church...

If you'd like to join the dynamic community to Prayer Clinic churches...

And, you can get yourself to middle Tennessee on August 3 this Open House is for you. Here's what you get with your registration:

  • Teach My Heart to Pray book
  • Lunch
  • 25% Discount on your starter kit and any other resources we offer
  • The opportunity to meet the people who make the Prayer Clinic team hum.
  • All your questions answered

Perhaps you've been considering becoming a Prayer Clinic church and want to learn more, if so, this is for you. Bring your pastor, the lay people who are passionate about prayer, anyone who might want to learn more.

Let me know if you have any questions! I promise that when you get your Prayer Clinic ministry up and running in your church, you will immediately sense the difference that prayer makes.

God's waiting for His people to get serious about our prayer lives. He's eager for our churches to get serious about our prayer ministries. 

What are you waiting for? 



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