Books by Leighann McCoy

Leighann McCoy has written 17 books on prayer and spiritual warfare. She is in the process of publishing her 18th book coming Fall 2021! 

Teach My Heart To Pray

If you're like most people, you've uttered a prayer or two. And unless you're in the elite group of 16% of pastors who said they were satisfied with their prayer lives, you are most likely DIS-satisfied with yours. This book is the companion journal for an online video-driven course that will teach your heart to pray. When you read this book, participate in the online course, and complete the journal assignments provided in this book, you will experience God's answers to your prayers as you've perhaps never experienced them before.

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Spiritual Warfare for Women

A guide to recognize and exercise power found in God's love will overcome the enemy's subtle strategies of fear, anxiety, despair, and depression.

"I have read several books on the unseen battles that rage around us in the spiritual realm, and this one is one of my favorites. I am not one to underline in books, but this book is underlined all through it now!"

- A. Amber from


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Taking Responsibility For The Choices, We Make

"Isn’t it incredibly tempting and oh so natural when you find yourself
Legitimately angry…
When somebody’s done you wrong…
Or you’re in an unimaginable place where God’s goodness seems to
have left you…
to jump right into the pity pool?"

From inside that pool, you can blame others and abdicate all responsibility for the mess you find yourself in.
This book is about getting out of that pool! 

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More Books by Leighann

Spiritual Warfare for Your Family

A Practical Guide to Preparing and Protecting Families from Spiritual Attack.

Parents and grandparents long to protect their children, yet many don't know how to fight spiritual battles for their kids. But you can win the battle on the home front!

This book will equip you to win the battle on the home front.


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A Women's Guide to Hearing God's Voice

In this book, you will discover the special ways God speaks, how to respond to His voice, and how you can experience His comforting presence in the midst of struggles.

This book will reveal; how to hear and respond to the voice of God, what to do when God's promises don't line up with your reality, and how God uses your struggles to reveal more of His power and His love. 


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Oh God, Please Help Me with my Doubt

This book offers readers practical help in understanding how to make personal application of God's Word to their lives. She uses humor and an authentic way of communicating the simple truths of Scripture.

In Help Me with my Doubt, women will learn to overcome the feelings of worry, doubt, and fear by turning to God for His wisdom and comfort in every situation.

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