Prayer Minister, Author, and Founder of The Prayer Clinic

Leighann McCoy has written 17 books on prayer and spiritual warfare, has taught conferences and retreats across the US and worldwide, and serves on staff at Thompson Station Church in Thompson Station, TN.

Leighann's Books

Leighann is currently finishing her 18th book, a 365 day devotional, coming soon in winter 2021. In addition, Leighann has written books on Spiritual Warfare and prayer. You can purchase her books here

Speaking Engagements

Leighann has spoken at over 360 conferences in more than 20 countries. For speaking engagement inquiries, please email [email protected]

The Prayer Clinic

Prayer Clinic is modeled after minute-clinics at local drug stores; with a vision to expand and multiply The Prayer Clinic to other churches and ministries looking for a prayer ministry that is simple and powerful.

The Prayer Clinic offers a dynamic intercessory prayer ministry that will result in experiencing what Job described as “miracles that cannot be counted and wonders that cannot be fathomed.”

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