Charm'd No More! Episode 1

Season #3

During this 6 part series of podcasts, we are going to discover that the world has absolutely nothing that can even begin to compare with what God has for us. By studying the examples of women in the Bible we will learn to recognize the deceptive “charms” that the devil dangles in front of us and then develop spiritual disciplines that will enable us to hold out for God’s best.

My prayer is that we will take action steps that will trigger a change in our cravings. And rather than be driven by the desires of the flesh, we will learn to be satisfied with the wisdom, power, love and plans of God.

Then, as we exchange the counterfeit for what is real…we will add insult to injury as we battle against Satan’s attacks and take the very things that he charm’d us with—and allow God to redeem those things so that they become opportunities for our lives to SHINE for others. ⁠

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