A Response to our Deconstruction Series with Selah Standish

Season #3

Leighann never set out to learn so much about deconstruction but when her own daughter began the tumultuous journey, she was motivated to dig deep in hopes of reconnecting with her. On this episode (that completes our series on deconstruction), Leighann's daughter, Selah Standish share her candid response to Leighann's previous 3 episodes.

Selah and Leighann are starting a new podcast together where they will go much deeper into this conversation. The are calling their new podcast, Love works! HARD!! Stay tuned for the premier of this podcast soon.

The book Leighann mentions in this podcast is ⁠⁠The Great Dechurching, Who's leaving, Why are They Going? and What Will It Take to Bring Them Back?


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