How Deconstruction Affects the People Deconstructing

Season #3

I know we can't really even begin to get inside the mind and heart of another person, especially one that we disagree with--but, with enough research we can gain insight into what they might be thinking and feeling. In this episode Leighann shares what might be going on inside the people you love who are deconstructing their faith.

This is part 2 of our 3 part series on deconstruction. As a reminder, I postponed the publishing of this series until now (February rather than November). As it turns out, this series is a great segway into the exciting new podcast my daughter Kaleigh/Selah and I are doing together called "Love works. (HARD)" She and I are preparing to launch this new podcast together where we will share what we've learned throughout the tumultuous journey her deconstruction has taken us on. That's not all we're going to talk about, but it is going to be our starting point.

If you know people who are in the deconstruction process, and/or parents and other family members they are leaving in their wake please share these episodes with them and invite them to join us when we launch our new podcast, "Love works! (HARD)."


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