An Article Worth Sharing: Deconversion is Not As Countercultural as You Think

Season #2

In this episode, Leighann is sharing an article she found online that offers interesting insight into the popularity of deconstruction in our culture today. The essence of the article is found in this statement: "So before you file divorce papers from the Christianity of your youth, know that doing so is in no way countercultural. Like marital divorce, it’s thoroughly acceptable and common. I want to suggest that the far more radical—and truly countercultural—choice isn’t to abandon Christian faith because it is maddening, difficult, and out of step with the contemporary zeitgeist.

The radical choice is to keep the faith." The article is written by Brett McKraken and is available on the Gospel Coalition website: ⁠Deconversion is Not as Countercultural as You Think⁠.

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