"Be in Agreement with Me" A Raw and Real Conversation with Rhonda Kemp

Season #2

Rhonda has been my friend for many years, and we've reconnected through her frequent visits to Tennessee. In this conversation, Rhonda shares the story of her firstborn, daughter, Lacy who died at 30 years old after a struggle with opioid addiction. Through the tragic loss of her daughter, Rhonda has learned what it means to really trust God. She challenges us to give up the control we think we have to the One and Only who truly knows what is best and how to accomplish it. Share this episode with anyone you know who's lost a child; and with friends and family members who may be dealing with the disease of addiction.

You can find Rhonda's book Remarkable You; Revisiting Love, Regrets, and Celebrations on Amazon HERE.

Learn more about Hope is Alive Ministries at their website here: www.hopeisalive.net


Finding Sobriety on a Mountaintop The Phoenix

The Phoenix is another ministry Rhonda mentioned was where the only cost to participants is 48 hours sober. Their mission to help people stay sober in community with each other. "If you’re in recovery from substance use disorder and have the desire to live sober, we will help you find strength and a new community of friends to support your journey."

I took notes because Rhonda was saying so many great things; here are some of them:

"Get up, dress up, show up!" Advice given by another grieving parent.

"Satan wants to keep you in bed."

"Be in agreement with Me." What Rhonda heard God say to her while standing in the yard outside her daughter's apartment the morning she discovered she had died.

"People need to go to heaven and we need to help them get there." That's all the really matters here.

"People are so full of nonsense! Stop worrying about all the other stuff."


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