5 Things We've Learned About Parenting Adult Children with Tom McCoy

Season #2

In this episode, Leighann and her husband Tom share what they have learned in their first decade of parenting adult children. While parenting adults can be challenging, you have everything you need to succeed. Listen and learn 5 of the most valuable things Tom and Leighann have learned in their journey.

5 Things We’ve Learned in This World of Parenting Adults

1. It’s okay to be okay that they didn’t turn out the way you thought they would.

Affirm who they are

Be wide open to what God is doing in their lives (Isaiah 55:8-9)

Enjoy the surprises (if you can).

2. Don’t blame yourself for their challenges and failures.

What good does that do?

When did you ever set out to mess them up?

Part of them being their own person…and might be God’s way of revealing Himself to them.

3. Hold on for the ride (and sit some of it out).

Not your job to rescue, protect, or intercede anymore

Offer advice but ask first

Sometimes you might want to look the other way

4. Resign from being their teacher.

They’ve graduated.

Nothing you can tell them now that you haven’t already told them before.

They might resent your pounding them with the truth.

5. Love them (and their significant others) with no strings attached

Remember when they were babies? Expect nothing more than what they gave you then.

Don’t wait until—- to love them

Express your love in ways that let them know there are no strings attached


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