5 Ways to Pray for the Lost: 5 Prayers

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How to pray for the lost: 5 Prayers

1. Ask God to do these things

Father God, we pray that You would sanctify __________. Draw a circle around their lives, and set them apart from all the others so that they are saved by You, Devote your full attention to _________, and work on __________ with the same mighty power You used to set the world into motion. Continue as long as it takes until their own voices declare Your praises. (1) 

Lord, bless __________ with every blessing You have in the heavenlies where You dwell. Lavish Your love on them in the most tender of ways. Custom make Your gifts so that they touch to deepest darkest recesses of their hearts, and woo ___________ to Yourself by Your compassion and love. (2)



Spirit of the living God, convict _______ of their sin of unbelief. The bondage of this, and all other sins were broken by Jesus when He died on fully embracing Your extravagant gift of salvation. Remove those hindrances and save _______ today. (5)

2. Pray for their witness-the person(s) who will be instrumental in them being saved. 

Lord, we lift up the chosen one who will be especially able to share the truth of Your love with ________ in a way that their barriers will be broken and their hindrances removed. Give this son or daughter of Yours power and boldness. Give them wisdom and zeal, compassion and divine insight. Orchestrate their encounter with ________ and let them enjoy the thrill of seeing ________ saved. (6)

3. Pray for God to use His Word in their lives.

Oh God, thank You for Your Word! Thank You for the Bible, the book we get to hold in our hands; and for Jesus, the visible expression of our invisible God. Put a deep hunger in _____ life to want to read Your Word. Put the Bible in their hands. Give _____ dreams about Your Word, bring Scripture to ______ mind, and let Your Word be honored by _____. Multiply Your Word in _____ heart when she/he reads it. There’s nothing more powerful than You and Your Word, settle the Word deep in ______ heart and prevail over the lies in their lives. Make Your Word effective in _____ life so that they will know You and cling to the truth of Your Word. (7)

4. Pray using the divine weapons of spiritual warfare.


Jesus we are grateful for Your blood that was shed. We pray the precious blood of Jesus over _____. We know that Satan has no legal claim on _____ life because his/her sin was canceled at the cross. We proclaim in agreement with You that there is wonder working power in Your blood and we plead the blood of Jesus over ________. (8)

When we pray in Your Name we pray according to the majesty and glory that is due You. We pray the mighty Name of Jesus over ______ and over every principality, power, and force of evil  that has darkened ______ mind and heart toward You. We pray in the mighty, power of Jesus’ Name that ______ be set free from the kingdom of darkness to walk now and forever in the kingdom of light. (9)

Oh God, we pray the Word You’ve given us in _______ life. Show us Your Word as it relates to them. Thank You for giving us a Word we can write over their lives. We are eager to see You perform Your Word in ______ life. (10)

We praise You LORD! You are the maker of heaven and earth, all of creation bows down before You. There are no other gods before You. We praise You and Your unstoppable plans for _______. We declare Your glory on the platform of _____ life. (11) 

Father God, who would we be without Your love? Everything that is good in our lives comes from Your loving hand. Fill ______ with Your love. Deliver Your love to _____ in a way that they cannot even begin to mistake You for anyone or anything else. Love them to Yourself as You have done and are doing for us. (12)

5. Pray against the strongholds with authority.

Father, I pick up the weapons of my warfare. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I stand in the devil’s face in this battle. I pray to the Lord to release warring angels to come down and fight on _____ behalf in Jesus’ Name. I break every demonic altar that has been set up against ______ in the spirit realm by fire; I destroy them in the name of Jesus and by His authority that He exercises freely at the right hand of God the Father. I destroy all powers of the dark side that are working against _____. I rebuke and cut off every assignment of the devil and his demons that are trying to destroy _____ in the name of Jesus. I loose in the mighty name of Jesus freedom, liberation, peace, joy, hope, gladness, love, healing, wholeness, nothing missing and nothing broken, mercy, grace, blessings and favor, and full restoration in all relationships for ______. (13)

This prayer was adapted from John Ramirez’ book, Armed and Dangerous: The Ultimate Battle Plan for Targeting and Defeating the Enemy. Most of the material in this document came from a little yellow booklet titled, Praying Effectively for the Lost by Lee E. Thomas. 


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