Is It Right or Wrong to Pray, "If It be Your will"?

Season #1

In this podcast Leighann covers when it is right or wrong to pray 'your will be done'. We have to remember these things most of us grow in our prayer lives to understand God in this progression of faith...

1. God is able to do anything!

2. God wants me to exercise faith.

3. Faith is being certain that God hears me when I pray. But this is where we get stuck. From this point forward we create our understanding of how prayer works like this,

4. God loves me very much and wants what is best for me.

5. I can pray, and ask God to give me what I want but only God knows if that's what's best for me, so the best I can do is hope He will respond in a way that is good, and that I can trust His answer even if it isn't what I really want. In other words, "I will pray for that mountain to be moved and if it be God's will He will move it. If not, well, at least I feel better about dealing with it because now I can accept that it's a mountain God wants me to face."

6. Thank God for prayer because I find great comfort in sharing my concerns with Him.

Please be sure to check out Leighann's blog post that covers this same subject here.

Leighann references the below scriptures:

Matthew 6:10

John 4:34

Luke 22:42

Matthew 26:42


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