Meet Leighann

  Leighann McCoy is an author and speaker who help people develop a never fail faith.

  She knows an unfailing faith is possible because she’s no stranger to the tough stuff in life. Leighann has endured a personal battle with cancer, walked with her daughter through a teen pregnancy, and served for over 25 years as a pastor’s wife. That’s enough to test anyone’s faith! Yet, in those experiences, she wasn’t afraid to ask God the hard questions about disappointment, failure, and loss. What she learned changed her life and transforms others when she teaches. Leighann’s message helps believers:

·        Recognize every difficult situation as an avenue for God to prove His love to you.

·        Exchange weak “I hope so” faith for strong “I know so” faith.

·        Replace the regret of yesterday and fear of tomorrow with a powerful peace for today.

·        Identify specific promises in the Bible that God offers for every area of life. There are over 3,000 of them!

Leighann’s books and online courses are born out of real-life experience. The week after she began writing Spiritual Warfare for Women, her 18-year-old daughter left home to live with her boyfriend and became pregnant. As Leighann lay on the floor of her daughter’s bedroom crying out in desperation, she put her own teaching to the test. Two years later, Leighann began work on A Woman’s Guide to Hearing the Voice of God, when she was diagnosed with recurrence of colon cancer in her liver. Through it all, she remained certain that God meticulously and methodically works all things together for our good and His glory. Leighann knows that a never fail faith is possible because she’s stretched it, exercised it, and tested it in the trenches of life. Her most recent books, Spiritual Warfare for Your Family and Taking Responsibility for the Choices We Make continue to deliver wisdom and practical action steps to enable you to develop your own faith that never fails. 

  Leighann has served in ministry for over 25 years alongside her husband, Tom, who is the senior pastor at Thompson Station Church in Thompson Station, TN. During that time, their congregation has grown from 8 to over 2000. Leighann serves on staff developing The Prayer Clinic.

  As a popular speaker, Leighann encourages audiences across the nation and overseas. She is a conference leader for Lifeway Christian Resources’ Women’s and a frequent guest on radio programs, such as Divine Calling, Bold Living, and This is the Day on Moody Radio. She has also appeared on 100 Huntley Street and other Christian television programs. She has contributed to magazines, including Journey, Parenting Teens, HomeLife, Today’s Christian Woman, and

  Leighann earned a bachelor’s degree from Samford University and a Masters of Christian Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She spends most of her “free” time jumping on the trampoline with her granddaughters Misty and River; bending a listening ear to her daughters Mikel and Kaleigh, and offering her son TJ all kinds of free and unasked for advice! 

Join Leighann on a journey into the power and promises of God that produce a never fail faith, and learn more about how to mobilize your church to pray by becoming a part of her community. 


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