The Truth About Women: Episode 6 Two Scandalous Women

Season #2

Episode 6: Two Scandalous Women with Sonia Thalman

Sonia is a marriage coach with Marriage Helpers ministry. You can connect with Sonia on Instagram @soniathalman

You can connect with Marriage Helpers at  Sonia shares that they have loads of FREE resources on their website.

The story of the woman at the well can be found in John 4.

I found this online about the plight of women in society during Jesus’ day:

“What brought about this drastic change from the esteem women had in the times of the Hebrew Scriptures to their near exclusion from society by the era of the New Testament? Very likely, this degraded view of a woman’s role was imported from Greek thought. The similarities between the Hellenistic and Talmudic views of women are remarkable. Through the influence of their heathen neighbors, the rabbis slowly relegated women to their first-century seclusion. As evidenced in the paragraphs above, these gender norms were not based on the Tanakh or Jewish culture, but on Greek and Roman household codes that were widespread throughout their empires and occupied lands.”

The story of the woman caught in adultery can be found in John 8.


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