The Truth about Women: Episode 2 Ezer Kenegdo

Season #2

In this episode of the Truth about Women series, Leighann introduces us to Chandalee Chrisman from Chattanooga, TN. Chandalee is a lover, learner and teacher of the Hebrew language so she is the perfect person to unpack the meaning of the words Ezer Kenegdo, that God used to describe “woman” when He first created her. In this conversation you will learn that what God has in mind for your role as a woman is far different than what the world is telling you.

You can visit Chandalee online at

She blogs and podcasts and you can actually listen to a podcast I recorded with Chandalee here:

Here a link to Kristi McLelland’s resources we mentioned in the podcast: Ezer Kenegdo: God's First Words about Women and Jesus and Women

If you haven’t listened to it already, here is the link to the message I shared at Thompson Station Church on Mother’s Day, The Truth about Women


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