Revealing Satan's Deconstruction Strategies

Season #1

In this episode Leighann shares 5 strategies Satan uses to deceive people who enter into the deconstruction process. She then shares specific ways you can pray for the people you love who are deconstructing their faith.

Here is the link to Sam Landrith’s message, “The Truth about Deconstruction” at Thompson Station Church on May 22, 2022.

5 Strategies Satan uses are what I call a “ruse.” They have truth in them, but the truth is distorted in the telling. The distortion works because it appeals to pride in self. And even though the things he says are painted with truth, the core of the deception is evil. At the core of Christianity you have a loving heavenly Father who wants to save you. At the core of what the devil is dishing out you have a wicked fallen angel who wants to destroy you.


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